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AX7.1B • Heatpump boiler

The heat pump boiler AX7.1 takes its heat from de surrounding air to heat your sanitary water. The reservoirs of 260 litres are ideal for meeting the warm water demands of a family of 3 to 5 persons.


  • Heating of sanitary warm water for shower, bath, washing the dishes, washbasin.
  • Appropriate for houses for 2 to 5 persons.


  • This sanitary mono-bloc heat pump uses the heat in the air to heat sanitary water. The AX7.1 has an efficiency (COP) of 2.86 (measured in accordance with the European standard EN 16147) with an air supply of 7°C/DB and a water temperature of 57.2°C. Therefore, the heating capacity is 2340 Watt with an electric consumption of 660 Watt. Consequently, it uses up to 70% less energy than a classic electrical boiler.
  • The AX7.1 works as a sanitary heat pump with outdoor temperatures between -7°C and 43°C. Therefore, it can be used all year long. Even with outdoor temperatures of -7°C, there still is an efficiency of 150% compared to a classic electrical boiler. Just in case, there is an electrical resistance in the boiler for additional heating.
  • The 260l water heat exchanger (solar panel connection) is 12 meters long, has a diameter of 21 mm, a thickness of 0.25 mm and is made ​​of stainless steel 304.
  • The 260l boiler is equipped with a steatite resistance (dry electrical) for easy maintenance, and to guarantee a longer lifetime of the resistance


  • R134a


  • The surrounding air (usually air from the outside) is sucked in by the fan and heats up the refrigerant in the vaporiser. The created gas is sucked in by the compressor, which heats it up further and puts it to a higher pressure level. In the condenser, the refrigerant releases its energy to the water in the boiler, in order that the refrigerant cools down and becomes liquid again. The expansion valve relaxes the refrigerant so that it becomes gaseous again and can circulate again in the vaporiser.

  • The electrical auxiliary heating system is only used in case of an emergency or in the anti-legionella program.
  • The control of the additional exchanger of the 260l boiler for the thermal solar panel must be provided by you.

Technical data

Model AX7.1B 260L.
Heating modeheat pumpheat pump & electric elementelectric element
Rated input power 0.7KW1.4KW0.7KW
Rated heat capacity 2.8KW3.5KW0.7KW
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Rated current 3.2A6.4A3.2A
Max input power 1.9KW
Max current 8.6A
Compressor Panasonic/rotary for R134a
Auxiliary electric heater 0.7KW (steatite)
Rated output water temperature 55
Refrigerant R134a/ 1100g
COP2.86 according to EN16147 (Ambient temp. 7°C)
Expansion valveelectronic expansion valve
Noise level 46 dB(A)
Host chassisφ650mm
Tank volume260L
Material of exteriorstainless steel sus304
Thickness of water tank 1.5mm
Thickness of exterior0.6mm
Water connection size3/4"
Thickness of insulation /polyurethane 50mm
Rated water pressure 0.7MPa
Max water pressure 1.2MPa
Material of condenser coil/heat exchangerstainless steel(single skin)
Length of the heatpumpcoil 30m
Thickness of the heatpump coil 0.7mm
Max pressure 3.0MPa
Dimension of solar coil φ21×1200mm /stainless steel
Evaporator Size480mm×57mm×352mm
Air duct size φ150mm
Air flow 450m3/h
Fan power input 65W
Fan motor type centrifugal
Max temperature with electric element70
Max temperature without electric element60
Working range with electric element>-15
Working range without electric element>0
Anti Legionella/anti disease water heated up to 70
Anti-corrosion for water tankmagnesium anode
Height of water inlet65mm
Height of water outlet1010mm
Height of condensate drain hole1170mm
Height of electric element865mm
Height of temperature sensor 990mm
Height of magnisum anode1010mm
Dimension of the Magnesium Anodeφ21×450mm
Electric wiring3×1.5mm2
Dimension of whole unitφ650mm×1790mm
service holeØ 80mm
Except for COP, all above datas are based on ambient temperature DB20

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