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ETAMASTER EC • Circular duct fans with EC motor

  • Inline duct fan
  • Circular
  • Monophase
  • EC-motor
  • 1~230 Vac
  • IPX4

  • Very compact helico-centifugal duct fan with energy-efficient EC motor and corrosion-resistant housing


  • ETAMASTER EC fans are designed for use with round channels. Since the diameter of the channel is hardly exceeded by the fan housing, the ETAMASTER EC fan can be used in confined spaces.

  • The specially designed 3-dimensionally shaped rotor and stator blades ensure that they are correctly inflowed, so that the pressure profile on the surface of the blade is achieved much more effectively and with fewer losses. The highly efficient stator will also ensure that lost energy due to rotation-loaded flow at the rotor output (dynamic pressure) is converted into usable energy (static pressure). This combination results in a duct fan with the highest efficiency of its kind, as a result of which the ETAMASTER EC fans will reduce the operational costs enormously.

  • Because the motor is built into the stator hub, outside the air flow, the ETAMASTER EC fans can be used for slightly polluted air.

  • The EC technology (Electronic Commutation) is an intelligent technology that, by using the internal electronic control, eliminates slip losses in the motor and ensures that the motor always runs at the optimum voltage. This EC technology also guarantees that the efficiency of the energy used is many times higher, so that energy consumption is also much lower compared to AC motors.

  • The ETAMASTER EC fan is equipped with an energy-efficient EC motor, saving up to 35% compared to an ETAMASTER with a normal AC motor.

  • The EC technology makes easy speed control possible, without loss of efficiency. This means that the energy consumption of the ETAMASTER EC will also be many times lower at partial load compared to the AC motor.

  • They are used for ventilation in offices, schools, parking garages, industrial applications.


  • The compact housing has a mounting base and integrated connection box

  • The housing is made of plastic (PPFG30) RAL 7012
  • Helico centrifugal turbine with guide vanes for high efficiency
  • EC motor with life-lubricated ball bearings
  • Motor insulation class:
    • ETAMASTER 150L EC 01 to ETAMASTER 355 EC 01: F
    • ETAMASTER 355 EC 02 to.m. ETAMASTER 400 EC 01: B
  • Motor protection class:
    • ETAMASTER 150L EC 01 to ETAMASTER 200 EC 01: IP54
    • ETAMASTER 250 EC 01 to ETAMASTER 355 EC 01: IP33
    • ETAMASTER 355 EC 02 to.m. ETAMASTER 400 EC 01: IP20
  • IP protection class of entire fan: IPX4
  • Connection box IP44 with cable gland
  • Internal electronic temperature monitoring


  • Mounting clamp, type BMK
  • Protective grille, type BSV
  • Potentiometer, type MTP010
  • 3-position switches 0-10V, type MSS-D

Other available versions

  • Helico centrifugal duct fans with AC motor for voltage control, type ETALINE E
  • Helico centrifugal duct fans with AC motor for frequency control, type ETALINE D
  • Helico centrifugal duct fans with EC motor, type ETALINE EC
  • Helico centrifugal duct fans with 3 speeds, type ETALINE 3N

Air performance data

 Q [m³/h]
ETAMASTER 150L EC 01735684625558455185------
ETAMASTER 160L EC 01762708650593529204------
ETAMASTER 200 EC 01121811181013907766383125-----
ETAMASTER 250 EC 01172116471575149413991302375106----
ETAMASTER 250 EC 0221122044197118961818173515571325441288--
ETAMASTER 280 EC 012353224521312019190217751465545230---
ETAMASTER 315 EC 012805263424622277207118851179524----
ETAMASTER 355 EC 01308228172544226320141639499-----
ETAMASTER 355 EC 024662452043674207404938873546317826621130857383
ETAMASTER 400 EC 015532534251354935472244943951345922571220661-

Technical data

EM 150L EC 01230, 1~506747.652.60.6567475
EM 160L EC 01230, 1~507347.752.80.65557275
EM 200 EC 01230, 1~5012142.6481.01627779
EM 250 EC 01230, 1~5017960.263.91.49667679
EM 250 EC 02230, 1~503045862.32.1678286
EM 280 EC 01230, 1~5026758.662.21.86758283
EM 315 EC 01230, 1~5028253.256.71.96697780
EM 355 EC 01230, 1~5026153.356.51.82637376
EM 355 EC 02230, 1~5073158.4623.37658488
EM 400 EC 01230, 1~5072961.565.33.35648186

Pressure loss diagram

SCEC = EC controller
ŋt = Maximum total efficiency
tm = Maximum temperature of the air
tu = Maximum ambient temperature
to = Minimum operating temperature
Lwa 2 = Sound power level environment
Lwa 5 = Sound power inlet
Lwa 6 = Exhaust sound power
The sound power levels were measured in accordance with DIN 45635 part 2 & 38


ETAMASTER 150L EC 011492042103092.4
ETAMASTER 160L EC 011592042102892.6
ETAMASTER 200 EC 011992462523253.2
ETAMASTER 250 EC 012492632682155.7
ETAMASTER 250 EC 022492632682154.1
ETAMASTER 280 EC 012792922912805.6
ETAMASTER 315 EC 013143273253006.9
ETAMASTER 355 EC 013543673653258.7
ETAMASTER 355 EC 023543673653259.8
ETAMASTER 400 EC 0139941141035011.7
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